RedwoodHQ Server Downloads

RedwoodHQ is a server solution where typically only a single instance of it is installed and multiple people use it by accessing it from any OS (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) and any HTML5 compatible browser (IE10 or higher, Chrome, Firefox, Safari) without any installation required on their end. The agent component that comes with RedwoodHQ is used to deploy on machines where test automation execution needs to happen and is compatible with any version of Windows and Linux. What this means is that while you need a specific version of Windows for RedwoodHQ server to deploy on, you DONT have that requirement for users to use it or to execute test automation on.

Mac OS X
Package for Mac OS X operating system. Follow ‘Linux/Mac Install Guide’ to set it up.

RedwoodHQ Agent

Linux OS X (Mac) Instructions
Agent 2.5 Download Download
Agent 2.4 Download Download
Agent 2.3 Download Download

Previous Releases

Windows 64-Bit Windows 64-Bit Legacy Windows 32-Bit Unsupported
Server 2.4 Download N/A Download
Server 2.3 Download N/A Download
Server 2.2 Download Download Download
Server 2.1 Download Download Download
Server 2.0 Download Download Download